The Big Twelve Corporations control almost all interplanetary trade in the catalogued Blobverse. These corporations exact tremendous political influence by being the major supplier of military weapons and technology, and their CEOs serving as members or advisors on many military councils. They also control a majority of research, and almost all sources of essential food, energy, and transport.


Members, listed in order of market share, with their most prominent industries noted:

  1. GuBu Technologies: Military, Materials, Transport, Computing
  2. Antimatter Incorporated: Energy, Transport, Military
  3. Sprout Towers: Food, Medicine, Environmentalism
  4. Vector Technologies: Energy, Materials, Computing
  5. Kit Industries: Military, Energy
  6. Fin Corporation: Materials, Energy, Military
  7. Big Data Corporations: Computing, Entertainment
  8. Grey Industries: Energy, Medicine, Entertainment
  9. Alchemy Incorporated: Materials, Medicine
  10. Elon's Pet Project: Energy, Transport
  11. Trump Steaks: Food
  12. Neon Genesis: Military, Entertainment