The Chun Kit Colosseum is a building inside Star Alliance HQ on planet Z14M1MP. It is the tallest artificial structure on the planet, at 100 km tall. Excluding the Spire, the building is 2.5 km tall, still the tallest buildling on the planet. The CK Colosseum is the nucleus of operations for the Star Alliance.

Structure Edit


A majority of the CK Colosseum's height is in its Spire, which functions as a space elevator for ships to reach low orbit. The Spire begins 2.5 km above ground and continues to the low orbit height of 100 km, where a military operated space station exists for Star Alliance fleets.

Sky Level

The Sky Level of the building exists from 2.0 to 2.5 km above ground. It contains the Skyline, a large network of cloud platforms. The Sky Level is open only to Star Alliance members, and houses the meeting spot for the Star Alliance Inner Council.

City Level

The City Level of the buildilng starts at ground level in the center of the Star Alliance HQ's main district. It contains 2.0 km of floors used by both the public and Star Alliance members.


The CK Colosseum extends at least 1 km below ground, and the subterranian portion of the structure is used mainly for military storage. The GuBu Forge, where GuBu has created many legendary weapons, exists near the bottom of the structure.

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