The Countryball species is part of the Blob race. Members of the species are ball shaped, with colors representing the flag of their country of allegiance on the Countryball Homeworld. They are ball shaped/ cube or rectangle shaped creatures, that make friends and enemies by diplomatic relations.

Reproduction: Countryballs are able to reproduce, unlike any species of blob, they give birth. Even the males can.

The reason why they reproduce, is because they don't have gentails, but rather clay to reproduce.

Countryballs do have feelings. They can be sad, happy, angry, scared, and any emotion they have.

Many countryballs have different personalities, such as: Chaotic Good (remove kebab). Countryballs are known to fuse together, to create one big countryball or kingdom.

Countryballs do have schools to study at, as there is one in a countryball comic.