Trade in Blobverse uses several forms of currency. Several cultural currencies which include metals like gold and platinium or paper money and trinkets are used for domestic trade within planets. Across planetary systems, currencies such as the BitDollar and Credit constitute the majority of interplanetary trade.

BitDollar Edit

A BitDollar is worth 100 BitCents. BitCents are mined from silica rich planets and asteroids. Each BitCent contains a line of hidden code, which can be transmitted over the BitDollar network to hold funds in a BitDollar Wallet. Since there are a limited number of BitCents in the Known Blobverse, the amount of BitDollars will eventually stop growing. Before the BitDollar Crash of Year 157, one BitDollar was worth over 9000 Credits.

Credits Edit

Credits are backed by the Institute for Trade and Welfare. They are a digital currency that is accepted by nearly every trader.

Earning Credits:

-The Minimum Pay Law enacted in Year 100 requires a minimum wage of 100 credits per full day of work. Most civillians work part time, so the median income of a working individual is about 30000 credits per year.

-Stock Kit's Trading Market trades shares of almost all companies at 1% comission

Spending Credits:

-Meals cost about 10 credits each, while a Trump Steak can cost 100 thousand credits.

-The most efficient production of antimatter costs about 1161 credits per gram, though this is done on a very large scale and requires a lot of energy. This serves as a baseline for a theoretical maximum mass-energy to currency conversion factor.