Fin is a member of the Fin species, and the current Fin Emperor. Fin is on the board of Fin Corp., and a member of the Star Alliance Inner Council.


Fin Emperor Fin

Appearance and Personality Edit

Fin looks like a regular Arctic Fin, with a bottle nose, a dorsal fin, two arm fins, and a tail. Fin is grey and white.

Fin is playful, and prefers to play around rather than work. This personality is reflected in the Fin Empire's pacifist policy and long mandatory vacation time for Fin Corp employees.

Combat Edit

Ice Giga Drill Break

Fin uses a prototype Fin Corp. bottle nose drill attachment as a primary melee weapon. This drill is capable of penetraing most armor types.

Absolute Zero

Fin uses advanced ice elemental magic combined with Fin Corp. endothermic technology to bring temperatures down to .001 Kelvin. Most biological species instantly die.