The Institute for Trade and Welfare regulates the economics of the Known Blobverse. It distributes and backs the value of credits, the currency used for most transactions. It is part of the Institution Institution.

The Institute for Trade and Welfare regulates the trading of stocks, taxation and interest rates, and sets limitations on banking laws. It is also involved in distributing welfare and aid to various systems in the galaxy.

Intergalactic Bank Edit

The Intergalactic Bank issues and backs the value of credits. It was founded by Chun Mun and was an independent institution prior to the formation of the Institution Institution in Year 100. Its function of regulating credits remains almost entirely the same, except that it now incorporates the value of other currencies, including BitDollar, into the economic net worth of the Blobverse calculation.

Employees in the Intergalactic Bank are not paid in credits, but instead are issued coupons that can be traded for commodities. This system is meant to prevent corruption and preserve the public trust in their regulation, as the bank is a highly sensitive system that could collapse the intergalactic economy.

Stock Index Edit

The Institute for Trade and Welfare oversees the Stock Index prices of all tradable stocks of interplanetary corporations.

Year 170 Annual Stock Index Report

Stock: Credits per Share (Year Change)

SKS: 4,500,609 (↑ 560,101)
GBT: 4,012,360 (↑ 481,266)
ANT: 3,024,208 (↓ 90,328)
SPT: 2,998,763 (↑ 509,378)
VKT: 2,311,607 (↓ 231,160)
KIT: 2,216,071 (↑ 155,125)
FIN: 2,204,990 (↑ 88,299)