Kit (Supreme Kit Lord Kit) is a Fire Kit, the current leader of the Kit High Council, the 33rd ruling Kit Lord of Volcano Planet, the CEO of Kit Industries, and a seating member of the Star Alliance Inner Council.


Supreme Kit Lord Kit

Appearance and Personality Edit

Kit is green, unlike most members of the Fire Kit species, who are red.

Kit is known to be easily angered. This anger is rumored to be the cause of the Second Great Kit Fin War.

Influence Edit

Kit exhibits great political influence in the Blobverse by being one of the few characters with seats in more than one military council. Kit's position as the Supreme Kit Lord grants enormous military influence as the Kit species is the most populous in the Blobverse. Being on the Star Alliance Inner Council also grants Kit major influence with several other prominent factions.

Combat Edit

Lava Affinity

Kit shows great mastery of fire, lava and related elements, being known to create 5 volcanoes simultaneously in combat.


Kit can achieve "Heaviest Weight" by increasing body density while keeping a constant volume. The density can reach levels of some planets' inner cores. Although a defensive ability unique to the Steel Kits, it is unknown how Kit acquired this ability. It is also rumored that Kit is able to achieve a density great enough for thermonuclear fusion, an ability only seen in the most powerful Star Kits.

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