The Kit species is part of the Blob race, and contains several subspecies including the Fire Kits, Shadow Kits, and nonelemental Kits. The species is currently the most populous species of the Blob race, and the second most populous sentient species in the Catalogued Blobverse.



The entire anatomy of a Kit is confined within a round, pancake shaped body. A fully grown Kit's body has a diameter ranging from 30 cm to 50 cm, although there have been Kits known to grow well outside this range (see: King Kit and Asteroid Kit).

Kits have no appendages, but move by contracting the endodermal muscles in their skins to create either a bouncing or pseudopodic motion. Similarly, they can grab onto items by contracting the patches of gripping muscles on either side of their bodies. Kits feature two eyes on the front of their bodies (faces?) but no mouths on the surface. Their speech centers, including vocal cords, are all subdermal.

Kits reproduce by Kitspawning or by spontaneous generation. In the past, when Kithunting was common, most Kits spawned through spontaneous generation.


About 40% of the current Kits are constituted by the majority subspecies of the Fire Kits. The rest are made up of, in order, Shadow Kits, Forest Kits, and over 10 other catalogued subspecies.

About 25% of Kits reside on their respective Kit Home Planets. The rest are spread out throughout other planets, mostly concentrated in Zones 11-15.

Notable MembersEdit

Notable members of the Kit Species include:

Kit (current Supreme Kit Lord)

Shadow Kit

Sprout Kit

Stock Kit

Vector Kit

Einstein Kit

Heisenberg Kit

Suit Kit