The First and Second Great Kit Fin Wars were interplanetary wars fought betwen the members of the Kit species and the Fin species.

First Great WarEdit

The First Great War Occured about 150 years before the Great Summoning Event. It started when the Shadow Kit Homeworld, a hermit planet, migrated to orbit around the star of Zone 16. The Shadow Kits opened a wormhole to Zone 11, connecting the two zones.

Around that time, the Kit Empire was short on land and resources, and already expanded to dominate all of Zone 11. The Eight Kit Lords of the Kit Empire made a deal with Void Kit, the leader of the Shadow Kits at the time to use the wormhole. In return, the Shadow Kits would be annexed into the Kit Empire and Void Kit would be made the Ninth Kit Lord of the Kit Empire.

After the exchange, the Kit Empire sent armies through the void portal to conquer planets and moons in Zone 16. A few planets were occupied by the Fin species, and they did not appreciate the Kits invading their land. They retalliated, and a war was fought between the two species.

The war ended when Black Hole Kit, a general in the Shadow Kit army, created a black hole to engulf the Fin Home Planet, resulting in the surrender of Fin forces. The Kits were allowed to occupy the land of three planets and their moons in the system, while the Fins maintained control of two planets and the oceans of all the planets. The Fins migrated to Planet Z16O4MP, which is now the current Fin Home Planet.

Second Great WarEdit

Rumored to occur when Kit created several volcanos on the Fin Home Planet in Year 54, causing major glacial melting. The war lasted until the CKL Alliance intervened and forced a ceasefire between the two factions in Year 56. A reformation of the Kit Empire into the Kit Alliance and the return of Zone 16 to the Fin Empire were major terms of the treaty.