Magikrap (also known as Krap) is a Krap, the current Grand Krap of Wisdom, and a member of the Star Alliance Inner Council. Magikrap is rumored to have the highest IQ of all fish species, and is one of the most intelligent beings in the blobverse.


Influence Edit

Grand Krap of Wisdom

Krap serves as the Grand Krap of Wisdom in the Order of the Krap Monks. Although offered the position of High Grand Krap of Wisdom after the previous monk holding the title died, Krap refused the position, content with just being Grand Krap.

Krapresentative to the Fish Alliance

Krap founded the Fish Alliance in an effort to create an alliance between all fish species, and now serves as the current Krapresentative.

Star Alliance

After the disappearance of Supreme Leader Chun Kit of the Star Alliance, Krap served as the Temporary Leader for two solar cycles. Krap developed the current leadership system of the Star Alliance, in which all activities are overseen by an Inner Council, and now serves on that council.

Elon Peace Prize

Krap was awarded the Elon Peace Prize for efforts to promote peace throughout the galaxy.

Combat Edit


Krap will freeze his oponents in ice and wait until the match timer ends, resulting in a draw.


Krap prefers not to fight, and will resort to negotiations to resolve conflict.


If opponents keep fighting, Krap will dodge and counter as many attacks as possible