No Name is a No Name, former Chief Emissary of the Avon Group, and the Founder of the No Violence Group. No Name has an Elemental elemental affinity, and is one of the oldest and most intelligent members of the No Name species.


Diplomacy Edit

No Name is a well regarded figure in terms of diplomacy. For success in forging multiple alliances across Zones 1-30 in the galaxy, No Name was appointed the first Chief Emissary of the Avon Group, holding the position until the group's demise.

No Name prefers negotiations over combat, and founded the No Violence Group in an effort to promote this view.

No Name's efforts to promote peace were awarded by the Elon Peace Prize.

Combat Edit


Prevents target from using a specific skill for an unlimited duration (can cancel by disrupting caster).

Elemental Immunity

Prevents damage from magic based attacks

Full Counter

Returns all direct damage to enemies in range