The No Names are a member of the Blob race. Members of the species exhibit very strong elemental affinity, and the greatest diversity of all species in their elemental coverage.  While not known for being particularly intelligent, some members of the species are able to make noteworthy accomplishments in terms of political diplomacy.

No name


No Names have a round pancake shaped body, and no appendages. For movement, No Names are capable of using short range psychokinesis to move their own bodies, and grab onto objects. Their high elemental affinity also enables them to communicate tellepathically. Translators are capable of converting their tellepathic waves into sound.

No Names are known for their strong elemental affinity relative to their size. All no names have natural affinity to one element, with some no names being able to achieve affinity with several elements with genetic engineering technology.

Recent studies by the Genetic Institute have confirmed that No Names and Kits have very similar genetic origin. Several traits distinguish Kits from No Names. Compared to Kits, No Names tend to have stronger and more pronoucned elemental affinity, higher intellect but lower physical ability, and less aggressiveness.

Notable MembersEdit

No Name

The Great Summoner