Oceania, Z26M3LP, is an ocean planet with four major terraformed moons. The largest moon, Alola, serves as the capital of the Fish Alliance. The planet and its moons are open to all allies of the Fish Alliance.


Oceania and its four major moons (not to scale)

Geography Edit

Oceania has a thick atmosphere like most large planets, and its surface is completely submerged in a deep ocean. Because of the high pressure of the ocean, most non deep Fish species prefer to live on the moons or in the seafloor cities.

Politics Edit

Oceania and its four moons are part of the Fish Alliance. Oceania is the home planet of the Marine Fins, who use the capital city Atlanta as their base of operations. There are hundreds of species of fish living in the ocean of the planet, and several non fish species live in the subsurface caves and seafloor buildings.

Economy Edit

Several seafloor cities serve as economic centers of commerce for the planet. The planet has several mining operations to extract materials from its mantle, and produces lots of wind and hydroelectric energy.

The planet's ring system is also used for mineral extraction, and many defense satellites orbit with the ring, protecting the planet and its moons.