The Official Calendar is the dating system used by the Institute for History and Culture to date events in time. Year One is marked by the Great Summoning Event and each year is equal to one solar cycle of the No Name Home Planet.

Year Event
-930 Progen Empire presence in known systems
-900 (approx.) Kappa Dynasty Founded
-150 (approx.) First Kit Fin War
-75 Balican Empire Founded
1 Great Summoning Event
20 GuBu Technologies Founded
21 Fusion Engine Developed
23 First Great Expedition
30-35 Second Great Expedition
32 CKL Alliance Founded
38 Antimatter Engine Developed
39-40 Death Rebellion
40-47 Third Great Expedition
42 Avon Group Founded
54-56 Second Kit Fin War
56 Kit Alliance Formed
66 Fourth Great Expedition
66-72 The Calamity
74 No Violence Group Founded
86 Free Planetes Association Formed
92 Tau Kappa Alliance Formed
100 Institution Institution Formed
108 Matter Fabrication Developed
124 Fish Alliance Founded
160-? Steel Kit Independence Movement