Zone 11 is a Star System consisting of a Red Giant star and five planets.

Stellar Objects Edit

Z11S1GR: Star Kit Prime, Red Giant Star

Z11I1MP: Fire Kit Homeworld, Volcano Planet, Kit Planet I

Z11I2MP: Dragon Kit Homeworld, Vulcan Trop, Kit Planet II

Z11M3LP: Terra Trop, Kit Planet III

Z11MA1 Orion Kit Asteroid Belt

Z11O4LP: Orange Kit Planet, Kit Planet IV

Z11O5SP: Nebulus, Kit Planet V

Politics Edit

Zone 11 is currently under control of the Kit Alliance, which unified the system as the Kit Empire in Year -150. Prior to Year -150, historical record was not kept. From archeological evidence it is estimated that the Kit Empire commenced on Volcano Planet and occupied the first three planets of the system for several hundred years.

Zone 11 has a current population of about 223.27 billion sentient species with 98.7% belonging to the Kit Species.The Kit Alliance allows free travel within its boarders to strictly its allies. Trade is permittted to allies, but with a high import tax rate to the Kit Alliance. Trade and employment is dominated by Kit Industries, which provide the bulk of military and civil products and services.